CyberWyoming and the National Cybersecurity Society join Nonprofit Cyber

CyberWyoming and the National Cybersecurity Society join Nonprofit Cyber

The first coalition of cybersecurity nonprofits focused on tangible results expands its membership

New York – October 26, 2023: Nonprofit Cyber, the first-of-its-kind coalition of global nonprofit cybersecurity organizations, today announced the induction of two new members. 

Two new member organizations have joined as active members: CyberWyoming and the National Cybersecurity Society. 

With these new additions, Nonprofit Cyber is now 38 members strong. 

“Nonprofit organizations across the US have amazing programs for citizens and business.  We are excited to collaborate with other Nonprofit Cyber organizations to bring their programs to Wyoming and vice versa,” said Laura Baker, CyberWyoming Executive Director.

“We are thrilled about our membership in Nonprofit Cyber, as we bring cybersecurity education, cyber resources and incident reporting through our ISAO status  to the small business community”, said Mary Ellen Seale, CEO and Founder.

“Welcome to our new members. We appreciate the unique focus that each member brings. Today, during Cybersecurity Awareness Month, we celebrate the addition of two more organizations dedicated to bolstering cybersecurity.” said Philip Reitinger, NonProfit Cyber Executive Committee Co-Chair. 

“Today we welcome CyberWyoming and the National Cybersecurity Society into the Nonprofit Cyber coalition. We are now 38 members strong to make a positive impact during Cybersecurity Awareness Month and beyond.” said Tony Sager, Nonprofit Cyber Executive Committee Co-Chair. 

About Nonprofit Cyber

Nonprofit Cyber is a coalition of global nonprofit organizations formed to enhance joint action to improve cybersecurity. All coalition members are nonprofits that serve the public interest by developing, sharing, deploying, and increasing the awareness of cybersecurity best practices, tools, standards, and services.

About Nonprofit Cyber’s New Members and Affiliate Members

CyberWyoming’s aim is to build the State of Wyoming resilience by pulling business communities together on cybersecurity. It provides training and consulting to businesses, nonprofits, technical professionals, and business advisors in Wyoming.

The National Cybersecurity Society (NCSS) is a U.S.-based community of participating technology professionals focused on helping small businesses stay safe online. It provides cybersecurity education, awareness and advocacy to small businesses.